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Pure Music is the world’s brand new and only online music superstore dedicated to new and up and coming bands and artists from every genre.

Along with having a database of clients who utilise our website to select bands or artists for their venues, our aim is also to provide up and coming bands and artists with a facility to promote and sell their music across the globe, expanding their fan base and increasing their chance of finding a way into the mainstream music business.

This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved, allowing new musicians to express and evolve their talent, and for music lover’s to explore the talent of new bands and artists and their music, supporting them with every track purchased.

At we believe that every person has an amazing story to tell, so along with your music, we want the world to hear yours.

Latest Artists
Artist: Tonikal
Hi my names Tonikal (stage name) and I have been writing and recording my own music for about 6 years now I work with a very tight group of producers that I have known for a very long ti
Artist: Intouch
Intouch are an Acoustic duo that is happy to cater for your needs. We have a background in all types of musical genres, delivering our own songs and a variety of covers with our own flai
Artist: Brocnclef
Presently employed by VOW Europe
Title: Che